Acorn Next and the benefits of a Net-Zero Ready Home

November 1, 2018


Acorn Next encompasses our commitment to creating sustainable, lasting homes. As
developers of some of the GTA’s biggest communities, we felt a responsibility to curb
our environmental impact, and as a result, implemented three pillars of sustainable
housing practices:

  • Creating Energy Star certified homes
  • Our Green Plus Program
  • Net-Zero Ready Homes

You can read more about Acorn Next to site page on Acorn Next but today we’re going to dive a little deeper into Net-Zero Ready Homes. Here
are a couple of the most-asked questions we get about this topic.

What’s a Net-Zero Home?

A Net-Zero Home is an investment in a greener, smarter, healthier home. It’s a home
built to be energy-efficient with advanced design and superior building technology.

What do I get with a Net-Zero Home?

With your Net-Zero Home, you get:

  • A healthier home: With Energy Recovery Ventilation, fewer outdoor pollutants
    and allergens will enter, providing you with superior indoor air quality.
  • A quieter home: These homes include triple-pane windows, high-efficiency
    building systems, and a thicker building envelope. All of these factors help keep
    outside noise from coming into your home.
  • A comfortable home: In an effort to create draft-free homes, we’ve built Net-
    Zero Ready Homes with double-insulated walls and an air-barrier system to