Acorn Next ensures your home is
more than just a nice place to live.

Acorn’s focus has always been to grow GTA communities organically and to remain conscious of our imprint on Canadian soil. We believe we have a duty to build homes that reduce our non-renewable energy dependence and that use sustainable materials and green-friendly products.

We don’t just build better for the now, we build better for the future. Rather than be reactionary, we aim to be a leader in proactive sustainable practices.

We are proud to be builders of homes that use materials more effectively both in production and construction, and, ultimately, in the homes’ operation once occupied.

We are pioneers in sustainable housing practices


We aim to make all our residences ENERGY STAR certified homes. When certified by ENERGY STAR, your home is built to higher standards and has been inspected, tested, and verified as energy-efficient. These homes are built better from the ground up and provide enduring quality, wall-to-wall comfort, and peace of mind.

Green Plus by Acorn

Green Plus is a program of smart, cost-saving energy solutions for your home. When you sign up for Green Plus, your home will be installed with enhanced wall insulation, a premium energy-efficient furnace, an energy and water conserving water heater, designed to make your home more eco-conscious and minimize environmental footprints.

NetZero Ready Homes

NetZero Ready Homes are homes that reduce energy consumption to a minimum. They are designed to be a renewable energy source and are built to be virtually energy-sufficient with air-tight construction. A NetZero Ready Home improves the performance of a home by making it more durable and better at conserving energy to reduce the environmental footprint of our communities.

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