Site servicing begins with an innovative solution at Sincerely, Acorn, in North Whitby

June 6, 2022


#Istorm SWM System, a brand new product offered by @decastltd was recently installed by @marking_construction at the Sincerely, Acorn project in North Whitby as part of the servicing preparation for the site where the construction of the homes is scheduled to begin this summer.

This underground storm water storage solution allows developers to maximize land use, has a 100 to 150 year service life and is geared to maintenance and not replacement. The technology was developed in Japan and is engineered to withstand extreme conditions such as earthquakes. The system is designed to support roads, buildings, parks, football fields, soccer pitches, parking lots, and much more.

Sincerely, Acorn is a small infill townhome community with 24 units and it is located near Thickson Road and Taunton Road East.

Photography: @vividairuav