The Acorn Development Corporation

October 3, 2018


Acorn was founded in 1988 in the interest of creating a company that would evolve with the changing real estate market in Southern Ontario. As part of a fully integrated, family-owned real estate group of companies—with an operating history that exceeded 60 years of experience—Acorn’s mission was to build quality homes by using lasting materials and forward thinking design standards with a commitment to always build better.

In the years since, Acorn has developed thousands of new homes and owns and manages a portfolio of multi-residential units. The significant amount of residential, commercial, and industrial space held by Acorn Developments has positioned the company as innovative builders in a tough Canadian market.

Recently, the team at Acorn spoke with Canadian Industry Online to discuss the future of Acorn Developments. Visit them online to read the original article – in the meantime, here’s a glimpse of the interview included in the article.

What niche was Acorn filling when it started and how has the company risen above the competition?

Acorn was created as a division of the overall group in 1988 to fulfill demand for clientele seeking homes built with higher standards than the typical production homes in new communities. At the time, the GTA was growing rapidly and the management believed there was a market for prestigious new homes, allowing it to distinguish itself from other production builders.

We are certainly not the largest homebuilder, nor the most aggressive marketer. Frankly, we prefer to focus on quality rather than quantity, and on building rather than boasting. However, Acorn’s main advantage is its team of dedicated employees. Our team is made up of individuals that possess a wealth of industry experience and knowledge, with in-house expertise in every facet of the business, and who are willing to push the envelope to adapt to the changing needs of the marketplace. The combination of skills of the Acorn team allows us to continue to create communities that exceed the expectations of new home buyers. Our reputation has always been for excellence and value in delivering quality homes.