With a commitment to quality over quantity, we are able to give each homeowner our personal attention. It is the details that make the difference in an ACORN home. An ACORN home is a handcrafted product created by a team of skilled craftspeople and suppliers. You will notice this quality and care as we construct your home. Our teams work closely together to accommodate the personalized changes in your home. We carefully coordinate and supervise our efforts to build your new home to ACORN’s high standards.

Construction Schedule

We build your home according to a pre-determined construction schedule for your community, therefore, our success in personalization of your home depends on effective and timely communication. It is critical that all scheduled appointments, payments and documents are addressed accordingly.


Your scheduled visits to the construction site take place in an active construction environment. Before each formal visit, we require that you sign a Safety Waiver.

If you are visiting the site, we require that you contact your Customer Care Coordinator prior to your visit to arrange for an authorized ACORN representative to accompany you. For your safety, we do not allow anyone to enter onto our construction site without an authorized ACORN representative.

We ask you to adhere to the following guidelines:

Dress appropriately for a construction site.

Protective headgear and appropriate shoes MUST be worn. We will provide hard hats and we ask that you wear full, sturdy, flat footwear.

This opportunity is for purchasers only. Please note that children and any other guests are not permitted during these visits.

Please observe the safety signs and notices when on a construction site.

Plans & Specifications

Your home will be built in accordance to the Ontario Building Code, as per the design drawings we submit, which are ultimately approved by the local building department. If you are making major changes to your home be sure to contact our Design Consultant as soon as possible, to help us ensure your changes are reviewed and approved in a timely manner. ACORN also provides our trade contractors with these changes well in advance of construction, to ensure continuity and quality control.

Utility Locations

Required essential services include electricity, telephone, cable, sewers and water. Therefore, utility structures such as transformer boxes, cable/telephone boxes, fire hydrants, catchbasins and light standards are a required element of all communities.

Be sure to inform yourself of utility structures that may be located on or near your property. These utilities cannot be moved by ACORN. Finalized locations of these utilities may be known, so check with a Sales Representative.

Changes in Materials, Products & Methods

Continuous innovations are constantly made in the new home building industry. ACORN strives to be at the forefront of such innovations. Along with our building trades and product manufactures, we work to improve the methods and products we use to build your home. Manufacturers may make product changes and, as a result, we may use methods or materials in your home that differ from those in our other homes or communities.

Many finishing materials are subject to change based on slight colour variations and availability. Therefore, from time to time certain finishes may not ideally match colour samples displayed. Natural materials, such as marble, granite, hardwood and brick are particularly susceptible to such variations.

In all instances, any substitution of method or product will have equal or better quality. Since such substitution or changes become necessary due to issues outside of our control, we reserve the right to make them without notification, but will always ensure that they are of equal or better quality.

Trade Contractors

ACORN works hard to establish and maintain good relationships with our suppliers and skilled trade contractors. Our collective goal is to provide you with our highest standards of service and refine your homebuilding process to make it an enjoyable experience. ACORN oversees every part of the construction process and ensures that every aspect of your home is built to our standards of excellence.

Our contractors require written, signed work order changes approved by ACORN before proceeding with any alterations and modifications. Should you require any changes, please contact your Design Consultant.

Pre-Drywall Orientation.

We understand that the rough construction phase is a very exhilarating process, and that you may have many questions. Because of this, we formally invite you to visit your home before drywall is completed. You will have the opportunity to see “behind the walls” of your home.

You will be contacted by the Customer Care Coordinator shortly after the Commencement of Construction to schedule this visit. The orientation is scheduled between Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 3:30pm, and lasts about one hour. Typically, we can only provide notice of a day or two and we ask that you arrange to attend your Pre-Drywall Orientation as scheduled so it does not affect the construction of your home.

The Process.

Meet your Customer Care Representative at site office.

Review the structural options you have selected for your home.

Ask your Customer Care Representative any questions you may have regarding the construction of your home.

Measuring of rooms and windows, etc.

Due to safety concerns and liability issues, ACORN recommends that you wait for your Pre-Drywall Orientation to visit the community during construction.