Home Orientation provides you with an introduction to your new home and explains its many features. ACORN’s Customer Care team will guide you through your orientation and pre-delivery inspection. This walk through is extremely detailed and ensures that your new home is built with all of the specifications outlined in your Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

Home Education

During your Home Orientation, you will learn how to operate and maintain your new home. An explanation of the various features and functions will help you familiarize yourself with your new setting. Along with your detailed demonstrations, we provide you with maintenance information and tips for items such as your furnace, fireplace, faucets, hose bibs and principal fans. Warranty guidelines and procedures will be explained to you and you will be provided with a Tarion Homeowner’s information Package that will assist in your warranty procedures and forms.

Completion of Items

ACORN will repair the items listed on your Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) form. We complete most items before your closing date. During your Home Orientation, a Closing Day assessment will be scheduled with your between Monday to Thursday from 2:30PM and 4:00PM on your closing day. This is your opportunity to sign off on the competed items listed on the PDI form. If work needs to me performed in your new home after your closing date, a Customer Care Coordinator will schedule an appointment with you.

Summary of Your Warranty Program

Your Home Orientation and documentation forms, such as CCP and PDI forms are critical for your warranty program. Your home is covered by Tarion’s Warranty Program. You will receive further information regarding your warranty at your Home Orientation.

The ensure warranty service items are complete in a thorough and timely manner, ACORN cannot honour verbal service requests.

Inspect all visible surfaces and all systems, including electrical, heating, air conditioning and plumbing.

Open and close doors, windows, drawers and cabinets, and test plumbing and lighting fixtures.

Note any cosmetic surface damage at this time. Cosmetic damage occurring during the move-in process or through your daily activities is not warrantable. Therefore, after we correct any items noted during the PDI, repair of cosmetic surface damage is your responsibility. This includes paint touch-ups.

Our Customer Care Representative will make note of any unsatisfactory or incomplete items on a Tarion Pre-Delivery Inspection Form which will be attached to the Certificate of Completion and Possession (CCP) form. You will be given a copy at the completion of the Pre-Delivery Inspection. This becomes the official record of the home’s condition before occupancy. This certificate is important for the warranty of your home. 

The completion and submission of the Tarion Pre-Delivery Inspection Form is the responsibility of ACORN as a requirement under the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act.

orientation process & documented forms

On the scheduled appointment date, an ACORN Customer Care Coordinator will guide you through the tour. During the tour, a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) will take place to ensure that your home is built in accordance with your Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

To ensure warranty service items are completed in a thorough and timely manner, ACORN cannot honour verbal service requests.