The closing procedure is intricate and complex; therefore, requires a lot of preparation. ACORN appreciates and acknowledges the importance of timing and planning. A pre-determined construction schedule dictates the closing date of your home. This construction schedule allows us to build efficiently and logically.


Within a month of your closing date, it is vital that you remain in contact with your lawyer, as he or she will receive documents from ACORN’s lawyer that are required for the closing of your home.

You cannot close your home without a lawyer. ACORN must have your lawyer’s updated contact information 6 weeks prior to your closing


We strongly recommend contacting all applicable utility companies, including hydro, water and gas, and service providers approximately 2 to 4 weeks prior to your closing date, to update them with your new home address and contact information.

Canada Post

Notify Canada Post that you will be moving. You can obtain your municipaNotify Canada Post that you will be moving. You can obtain your municipal address and postal code by visiting You must also register through Canada Post to receive your Community Mail Box key

Phone, Internet & Cable

Your ACORN home is equipped with phone and cable rough-ins only. Call your phone, cable and internet provider. Your provider will require set ups from the demarcation points.


Be sure to hire a good moving company that is reliable. The best companies are those recommended by a trusted friend or family member. Book a moving company or a moving van in advance. 

Take inventory of your belongings before they are packed for insurance purposes, including a record of serial numbers of electronic equipment. When packing, make sure all boxes are labeled, and labels indicate which room the box is intended for.

All of these expenses are the homeowner’s responsibility, including costs and arrangements.

Closing Day

The big day has arrived and you should now be prepared to close your home. The following tips will help for a smooth closing day.

What to expect on closing day:

Closing Time Frame

Closings generally occur during regular business hours Monday to Thursday to allow for the transfer of all completed documentation.

Closing Day Assessment

Please arrive at the Construction Office at the scheduled time for your Closing Day Assessment (previously scheduled at your Home Orientation). This assessment allows for you and an ACORN representative to review the status of your home and sign off on all completed items listed on the PDI form.

Obtaining Keys

Keys are obtained at the Construction Office on your closing day (unless otherwise arranged). Please note, that until ACORN has officially received notice from our lawyer that the closing is complete, we are unable to release the keys to you. Your lawyer should notify you when your home is legally closed.

Closing Delay

A pre-determined construction schedule dictates the closing date of your home. This construction schedule allows us to build efficiently and logically. 

ACORN is committed to meeting its targets for completion and we understand that delays inconvenience everyone. However, some delays may be beyond our control. Unscheduled delays may occur due to municipal approvals during the land development process, shortages of building materials, major continuous inclement weather, or shortage of workers in a specific trade during the construction phase.

It is our intention to close every home according to schedule. However, in the case of a closing delay, ACORN will follow the guidelines set out in the Tarion’s Statement of Critical Dates addendum in your Agreement of Purchase and Sale. Visit Tarion’s website for more information.

Living In A Construction Zone

You will likely be moving into an active construction zone. Houses are built in a defined pattern, which minimizes the impact of construction activity near occupied homes. Although ACORN makes an effort to keep a clean and safe community, we ask you to exercise caution.

Please use common sense when near active construction and pay attention to all signs in the community. Be aware the construction zones create a lot of dust and dirt that may transfer onto your property.


It is common to install a fence after you have moved into your new home. Please note, that any alterations to grade must conform to the requirements of the municipality and pose no impact to the overall drainage and grading of the lot.

Rear yard fencing is permitted to be a maximum height of 6 feet. There is no permit required. Fences are for private property only and cannot abut City/Town property. Please note the City/Town does not get involved in property line disputes or cost sharing. Review your City or Town’s fencing by-laws prior to installing your fence.